Made a lot of music with Nanostudio 1 the past years. Check it out on my Spotify page: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5fkeE0Roygx94Yx4WV1gkX I haven't finished a track with Nanostudio 2 but working on it at the moment. Just wait for it!


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  • Hi @dendy, I guess its ios14 related. Havent fond anything in it online. Every track Sith a Electribe Wave in it Hans problems Sith the mixdown.
  • Thanks @Stiksi and @dendy =) good to hear you enjoyed it!
  • You guys make some very good music! Im going to listen to it all. Im still really new to nanostudio 2 and in to short instrumental hiphop like beats. Here's two tracks, hope you like them! https://open.spotify.com/track/5BCoWLos10DEp2EHrF4vsp?si=NGq9fOzwRw2xl7vO7GNjVw…
  • I have a problem with Poison-202. Not a big one but well worth reporting. When I load the presets A53, A54 or A55 in the browse menu, it takes me up to the top of the list. I guess it's because the name of the preset has a '.' in it.
  • Okay, WoW, I feel really stupid now. Thank you very much, this was exactly what I was looking for.
  • Nope, I had not done that yet. In this way it is possible to record the automation. However, I can not see what exactly is automated in time. That is not visible in the song mode? Thanks to all for helping me out!
  • Don't apologize, I find it very nice that my questions are answered so quickly. To answer your question; I actually want both.
  • My real question is if it is possible to record that automation? I know it's possible to record the automation from a Slate effect but I can't find out how to record the automation of an audio effect that I have put on a track of the MAIN MIX.
  • Okay, now I've made a track where I trigger the sample in Obsidian via the Slate pads. Now it is not possible to use the effects of Slate. Does anyone have a trick to do that? Furthermore, I wondered whether an audio effect on a track, or on the MAIN MIX, can be automated?
  • Thanks again @dendy, your to kind! Of course I can also look for it myself but there is so much to discover.
  • Thanks @dendy that works! Still have to figure out how to change the startpoint for each pad but thats no problem.
  • Okay, i'm a midi noob. I have now set it up like this: Source -> key, note. Destination -> Osc 1, Sample start, Multiplier -> None. Depth -> 100. Each key now have an other sample start point but it isn't in the same key. So the sample transpose. How can I undo that? Edit: i fixt it myself, I turned the KEY TRK from OSC 1…
  • I think obsidian is definitely better and offers more functionality. However, the simplicity to load a sample and the stretch over the keyboard I really liked because spontaneously created things that you had not thought of before (do I say the same thing twice?). In addition, it just works incredibly fast. The glitches…
  • Thanks @dendy and @tom_tm for your very quick reply!
  • It slices the sample over the keyboard depending on the number you set it to. For example, if you set it to 46, the sample was cut into 46 equal parts. I often used it to experiment.