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  • For anyone who doesn't know Kymatica: Kymatica are the developer(s) for AUM, Audioshare, AUFX's, Sector and more. Bless King
  • Hey @"Blip Interactive" , @Will , @Stiksi - or any other moderator. Can you look into the spam? There are currently over 4 whole pages of it since the 23rd. I saw this before with the Kymatica forum, and a few days later the forum was shut down - because he couldn't keep up and delete/manage the crazy amount of spam etc..…
  • Good to see your back on it! King
  • Every piano roll should have the ability! ———- Just the other day I requested the same for an app which just got a piano-roll added (in the beta), not sure if mutes will be added but, many people will be overjoyed that this household name/very popular app is to finally get a roll.. .. and it’s possible to use said app in…
  • @"Blip Interactive" Are you still with us.. King
  • Yeah! Audio-Tracks in NanoStudio 2 ... the missing link. King
  • Hey @internalogic, I have used ‘MultiTrack Recorder by 4 Pockets’ in a NS2 project. It’s long winded, but it works(ed). In that case I had to record the vocals in Auria Pro first, then *edit them there, then import them into 4Pocket MT, and use that as…
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  • From Dec 2018: . Full thread link below: From:🏼-after-7-days-bugs-n-features-edit-now-after-more-time#latest . ✌🏽 .. King
  • No worries! (Although there is nothing to change). (Shouldn’t be) Have fun! (gigging)! .. King .
  • Just gathering all the info I can surrounding this issue, they may help you piece it together: I’m 100% aware this ^ is slightly different, but it’s related. ———- “MTR do say 48k, but the sample is at 44 ” ———- .. King . Added: Contact Paul. ✌🏼
  • Huh! Could you take a grab? And show what you mean. Also: .. King .
  • Here is a reply from the developer: “The sample rate you need to watch and always ensure you stick to the same sample rate, especially if you are attempting to load MTR within different DAWs. My advice here is:- When you load the plugin the first step should ALWAYS be to create a New Song. This ensures the session is setup…
  • This is part of the mail I sent on the 8-11-19: “Just ran into a big issue. Had a session going in NS2, the sample rate was (48.000Hz), and all was playing fine. Playing a sample I recorded in MTR standalone. So I thought I would refresh and restart NS2, now the file is playing slower, and the nanos sample rate is now…
  • If I’m understanding you correctly, you would/will have to do that in standalone MTR. ..and import clips.. etc.. mentioned in the tip! .. KIng .
  • P.S Paul (MTR Developer) is aware of this, - I know I wrote to him about it early Nov. (but as I sussed it out, and wrote it in the mail) I’m not sure what his position is on the matter. .. King .
  • Haha, We are all writing at the same time (overlapping). It’s all good! .. King .
  • MTR TIP: If you have for example, a project set @ 48.000Hz, & you want it to play at 44.100Hz, (or vice versa) what I did was to create a new project at 44.1k, then imported the clips, which are automatically converted. For me I only had to do this once, as any project from then on is set to 44.100Hz. .. King .
  • I’ve found that I can change NS2’s sample rate by opening AUM (if you have it) first, and changing it’s (AUM’s) sample rate. (Don’t know what would happen once the interface is introduced).. With MTR, it will only play properly with the original (what you recorded at) rate. (So start as you mean to go on) etc.. .. King .
  • Your Welcome! ✌🏼 .. King
  • So in years to come, I don’t need to wonder about any comments on this thread. It’s because of this: ———- .. King
  • Yep, jus as I tapped ok on the popup, ‘earlier’ - I thought “I should have screen grabbed that, may come in handy” Alls well that ends well! Free update, for a great, app! .. King
  • Not! a separate purchase! Just go through all the steps to purchase, and it will let you know you own it at the very end! .. King
  • It’s all good man! As long as your on it! (= NS2). Yes, got to raise that cash! Survival is the game! .. King (FYI: but most everyday, I do check for NS2 updates. Nice to see one, even if it’s not the one I’m looking for exactly) Added: download the iPhone version a few mins ago, will be checking it out.. Cheers for this…
  • Amongst other things, it’s nice to just see you post here Matt. Was wondering where you were (forum wise). And yes, when I read about the “AU mixdown time wait” I thought “that’s a good idea/workaround”. Bless .. King
  • Just for future ref: @"Blip Interactive" and I posted at the same time. .. King ———- PS. I don’t believe in coincidence.
  • HTH (Happy 2 Help) ... King
  • For AUv3 instruments: . King ———- PS. Lookin 4ward 2: “Add Audio track” - in that ^ list.