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  • Yep, thanks #37, thats what I was trying to do, but didn’t realise it was do-able until just after my first post.
  • So sorry. After spending hours in NS2, I only just discovered how to name parts at least. Apologies. Thought I’d leave the suggestion for section names anyway, though the ability to name parts is a workaround that can serve the same function. Perhaps a larger font size could be helpful for live performance. Gawd, I knew…
  • Right on, Will. Thank you for your insight and perspective to your work flow. Yeah, I’m even considering getting one of those hardware link-to-midi boxes from Circuit Happy. I’m a guitarist and would prefer foot switches for start, stop, loop (or cycle), etc, but iPad apps have their quirks so a rethink is required. AB3 or…
  • Thx TTM. Yeah agreed, probably doesn't need a sampler at all. I was just trying to urge the devs to give us MIDI Clock to go with the fab external MIDI capabilities, and to consider focussing on generative and useful MIDI features rather than being reduced to another jack of all trades master of none. There's so many apps…
  • Re Clock workarounds. Yep, thx #37, there’s always workarounds to a great many things but I think if we’re going to be teased with controlling external gear, the app should go all the way and sync the same stuff without the assistance, complication or bloat of additional apps IMO. Fingers crossed it’s coming. Re my…