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  • I know you’re not adding anything new but, can we get nano scaled correctly for the iPad mini?
  • @SlapHappy It’s all business you want Apple to take nothing as the host? That would be bad business on apples part considering that threshold you just gave is probably a large part of development. If they don’t take it on the back end they’ll get it up front. I would assume a percentage would be easier than a large upfront…
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  • Make it happen send me a link and I'll help get the word out as well!
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  • @anickt Thanks! Weddings are a different beast lol. I wish blessings on your video business. That's not easy either. I think video editing is harder than photo editing. I have done some and you have to be extra precise on your exposure. Photography you can sway a bit either way and still correct it in post.
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  • @SlapHappy Yes we should attack the corporations. Also give the major corporations hell to put their software on iOS. I bet you get major companies playing everything changes. You gotta fight money with money. Until the majors come and have that all reconstructed it's not gonna be very profitable for devs. What business…
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  • @SlapHappy First of all I get what you're saying but, what app dev isn't dealing with those same issues? You think Matt is the only one? No. Second if you're not making enough money to continue to develop why won't you accept any money? This makes no since at all. Pride is foolish. You can't be prideful about a product. So…
  • That would be a great idea!!!! Like you said it is disrespectful to not man up and talk to the people that work just as hard as you and spent their hard earned money on something you created. We're your supporters not your haters. I would bump my $25 to $100. But, kind of scared if he would just take off with the money and…
  • This is my last try. I don't know how you give up and something that has the most potential. I'm pretty sure nanostudio 1 had less support than nanostudio 2. There's no way he generated enough income from the first to not work a regular job. Either you can't do it or you won't do it. There is a difference. There are too…
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  • Well if you could let the dev know we are pushing this app and we are gonna try to make this app number 1. The one and only complaint everyone has that hasn't bought it yet is audio tracks. I believe we could push this app to number #1. Because it is the best sounding, best looking and most stable daw we have. Grammy award…
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  • I'd pay $25 IAP for audio tracks