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  • If you press the speaker & note icon at the lower left hand corner, you can hear notes when you press the tiny little keyboard to the left or as you place notes on the piano roll.
  • I would borrow or buy an old PC to run NS1. Should be able to get a used PC for cheap I would guess. Then you would have Nanosync, which should be better at handling .nsp files. I haven’t used NS1 in ages so I’m not sure I can help, but I can’t quite figure out what you are trying to do. You can upload .nsp, .wav, and MIDI…
  • I’m not sure. To make it from scratch as a pure synth preset probably is possible, but I haven’t tried it. If it were me I would first try to get a sample online. Then in Obsidian tweak the sound a bit to the desired degree. You could even use your voice as a sample.
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  • In NS1, did you try adjusting the Buffer Latency?
  • It’s been a while since I used NS1 on PC. The latency will likely be an issue between your MIDI controller and the PC, so which driver to use is likely dependent upon those variables. I don’t remember there being any special driver required on my PC, and since I’m out of town I can’t check on that right now. Maybe you have…
  • Me Too! I would never say never, but I wouldn’t hold my breath either.
  • Thanks Matt! Some good sruff in that post. Re-purchase (one at a time) instead of Restore. Got it. Hope the “proper job” is going well!
  • The first thing I see is that your sample has some empty space at the begining. I would trim that to right where the file starts. That way when the note in the Piano Roll starts, so will the sample. I can’t see what might be causing the sample to repeat at bar 2. I suspect the settings in the Obsidian Sample OSC at causing…
  • If you are just trying to have a track play (maybe it’s drums, bass, pads, whatever) over the entire new project, I think it will be easier to do in Slate. Using samples in Obsidian is for creating sample-based patches (like a piano), or for processing samples through the Obsidian FX to create creative creations. If that…
  • Post some photos of what you’ve done so I have an idea of what’s going on
  • Automap is for multiple samples
  • What hardware/OS are you using?
  • Create track for Slate to desired length. Create note on Pad 1 (for this example) and make it as long as desired. Here it is 8 bars, but make it 80, or 180, or….
  • Set up a new Slate Kit and import the audio to Pad 1
  • What’s going on there? Files added together into a new .wav?
  • I think I would just use “save as” most of the time, but you can also select “copy”
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  • Once files are in you Library (arrange into folders if you wish but don’t move them afterwards or your Obsidian patches will not know where to find them), then you can import into Slate or Obsidian.
  • In OSC, select VOICE, then use the arrowa under Ployphony to choose Glide, or Mono, or various amounts of Polyphony. To Duplicate a track, select desired track and press Duplicate at bottom. Uploading files is a bit more involved so I recommend reading the manual…
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  • Have you read the manual? If not, start here: For just adding a fee audio files, AudioShare works well for me, but when adding many files, the file browser will be faster.
  • In which intrument? Obsidian or Slate? For info on the smple oscillator in Obsidian: Info for samples in Slate:
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  • There was a commitment made to fix things that iOS updates broke. So it isn’t abandoned until iOS breaks something and it isn’t fixed. That how I see it at least. The plans for audio tracks were abandoned due to lack of sales.
  • Reinstall and load packs one at a time, waiting for download to complete before selecting the next one. This method of getting around the bug works for most people. Here’s some more on it:
  • Access from the Mixer by tapping Audio FX Other FX available from within Obsidian or Slate
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  • I’m not a sidechainer, but I think Fab Filter effects should work in NS2. This is an oldie, and maybe you’ve already seen it, but if not maybe it’ll help:
  • EQ-3B & Stereo Filter offer some control over resonance, or AUv3 FX
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  • Yeah… appologies for that. It is something I should have caught in the beta testing phase, but I and the rest of the team were using iDevices and not playing MIDI controllers with sustain pedals. So much else to work on that we weren’t thinking of piano. That slipped through the cracks. The thread @number37 posted explains…
  • Sounds like you updated your old iPad to iOS 11 or later, is that correct? I don’t think you can undo that and return to an older iOS, but I have not researched that thoroughly. I would look into it if I were you. NS1 will not run on newer iOS (11 and higher). To get your old projects you can follow the method used in this…
  • The IAP patch DubBuzzed is interesting - it uses samples and then modulates the sound with filter and level for a wobble effect. Generate/find some samples and swap them out and you could makes a lot of variations. Same with DubHardGnarl. DubWub has a classic dub sound, but it has 2 oscs of FM and one Nanosaw. I can’t get…
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  • Yes. It isn’t my forte, but have you looked at some of the existing IAP patches like CallDatMassive, DarkSyn, or MetalWub? Maybe deconstruct those for some tips?
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