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  • NS1 won’t run on iOS 11 or later. There is a free PC version of NS1 that can be quite useful. If you have a touch screen laptop, it is similar to an iPad experience, but not quite as good. Backing up all archived projects to a PC is a good practice also. I know I’m often forgetful of this. Fortunately NS2 is very stable…
  • As @number37 said, iOS music producers usually avoid updates until the problems Apple creates are sorted out. Additionally, The team at Blip Interactive are committed to updating NS2 to handle problems caused by iOS updates.
  • I concur with your assessment - Obsidian is a beast! Just curious about why you are panning samples: are you creating separation in the sounds of a multi-oscillator patch and modulating those with an LFO to create an interesting effect?
  • Wow!! Fantastic track! I’ve been catching up on listening to some of your other tracks on SC and you are definitely putting NS2 to good use. Keep going - your tracks are inspiring.
  • Good question! In Obsidian’s Filter page, select Stereo and then on the sample Parameters page the Pan will now be active. Pan needs Stereo. I never thought about before, but it makes sense.
  • If you still have NS1 on an old iPad or iPhone, then that is a valuable tool to finish your work. Or for reconstructing projects in NS2. The hard part for me is to let go of unfinished tracks in NS1. Some are clearly not worth saving, but I want to port over many of them to NS2 in order to polish them with better sounds &…
  • Hey Jim! Welcome to the forum and the awesomeness of NS2. It is not possible to open NS1 projects in NS2. NS2 is a completely different app. You have to recreate those older projects. One thing that helps is that you can open TRG kits in Slate (then save as a Slate kit). What I have done is use TRG for audio stems of older…
  • I don’t have/use Koala so I can’t try to replicate your issue. Can you try it in Garage Band to see if there is the same problem?
  • That’s truly baffling. Do you have the external mic active?
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  • Nice tip @TakkAtakk !!
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  • Not enough info to understand what the problem might be. What I do is boot up my iPad and open NS2 first, not any other app. This helps because if you open another app it will affect CPU allocation. This is just a general tip, not necessarily static related, but could be. The problems usually occurs with other apps. Try…
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  • This sounds like a good way to go for some apps that seem to have uncertain futures. I think of Nave for example. Is there any way to save apps directly from an iDevice? I’d love to back up my copy of Alchemy. I have it on an old iPhone & iPad, but would like to get it on a couple more old iPhones. As far as I know there…
  • Good question. Just to be clear, NS2 is not abandonware. There is currently a pause in development, but Matt is NOT talking about giving up on NS2. He has committed to regular maintainance fixes whenever Apple breaks something, so I think Matt will (based on the past) wait to see if anything breaks before trying to fix it.…
  • I’m straining my brain to recall NS1 stuff, and I’m not sure about a user or config file but I kinda doubt that. You’ll probably have to manually restore samples to patches and kits. If you are loading archived .nsp files they should have the samples saved in the archived project for any of the presets used in the project.…
  • This isn’t a problem I have had to deal with, and I’m not certain I understand the OP’s desired result. Is the desire specifically to have 48khz, or is this just wondering about compatability? A good work habit for me has been to open NS2 as the first app I open upon start up. I think (but I’m not really sure) that NS2 as…
  • 👍🏻👍🏻
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  • Nicely done. It isn’t a genre that I listen to, but it sounds to me like you nailed it. Glad to hear of people using NS1. It sounds like you crafted a unique sounding track with it.
  • Welcome and thanks for posting. The forum isn’t super active lately, but I think that’s because everyone is busy using (and loving!) NS2. Consider posting a review in the appstore - that helps a bit when new users are looking for something like NS2.
  • During the really good old days, the NS1 forum, some clever chap copied a spam bot post and had it read by an AI text to speech app (don’t remember which) and set that to an NS1 track. The real problem is we just aren’t appeciative enough of the inherent creativity in posts of spam bots.
  • Glad to hear it is working! And good to know there are people enjoying NS2.
  • Interesting! I would have thought singing as close to the desired pitch as possible would be best, but I guess the consistency of a single pitch would be easier to process afterward. Just curiois about your workflow, did you record audio directly into NS2 and de-ess using one of the iOS apps you listed or did you record…
  • That sounds like it was quite the learning experience. Your explanation makes sense. I’m assuming the notes played on Obsidian (sample OSC) were recorded and could be adjusted in the Piano Roll Editor if there was need. This could be fun to play around with at some point. Singing… yeah…. Agreed.
  • I was finding your replies on the entertaining side, but it was time to combine the threads.
  • Yeah. Lots of info on specific apps. I was wondering if one were starting from scratch as a newbie, right now, how do you even know about the Audiobus Forum? Are there general overview tutorials that explain the various apps needed? Could such tutorials, which are hard to create due to the variables involved, be a benefit…
  • Cool track! Nice range of musicality and some creative vocals make this a unique track. Nicely done. Did you bring the vocal audio clips into Slate?
  • The iOS music production ecosystem has gotten to be quite a puzzle. Just wondering what it would be like to figure all this out if I hadn’t started with iPhone 3G. Maybe there is a need for multi-app tutorials, or just workflow threads on this forum.
  • Multiple posts combined. Thanks to @number37 for the replies and tips on using AUM (maybe recording right into AudioShare) as a way to use NS2 & Gadget together. Hopefully others will find this useful.
  • Yeah! Many of is would happily go for that model. I think the Blipster will need some time to recover and a period of time at a normal job (i.e. regular paychecks) to get to a point where he can afford to be out of work to develop for a period of time prior so there are new features on offer for a new price model to begin.…