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  • Omg! The ours creativity is on the developer hands. So you know when for the update about it coz i have the problems too.. or what’s about on cubase3 ? Yeah I know the price is crazy. So should I move on from nanostudio2? Omg. But i like the nanostudio2. It’s something but they have 1-2-3-4-5 problems.. I really hope they…
  • Oh, you right.. thanks dude’s! But I’ll very happy if the future update can add send effects for auv3 plugin on inside slate and not just the riverbs or delay of stock plugin. 😚
  • That’s! Nice! Mpk25!!! This transformer machine 😉. But I’m afraid to use this, as you know I’m a amateur on it/ beatmaker you know, but I’ll trying to be professional 😌. But, again that’s nice machine 😍! N sp404sx too! This a dream 🤧 Well, maybe I’ll spend money around S$150. So what’s about the ALESIS V-Mini? this good?…
  • Ohh.. thank you so much. Thanks for your support it would be helpfully too.. 🤗🌈
  • Well dude, Okay2... i understood 🤗🤗🤗 Thank you for your support dud, you’re helpful!!! For @Trigger_the_Monkey i will trying it, but need more times btw. So Before I’m used BM2 and GB. I don’t have a PC yet but I don’t want, maybe like iPad 😬. And after the NanoStudio 2 released for iPhone then i tried it, I was shocked!!…
  • Hi there.. How use this??? Why always grey out? Is this for time stretching? Other question, how do for choping sample on slate?? 🤧