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  • aaaand I'm done. I managed to make 10 game music loops in one weekend here it is and now I need some sleep ;)
  • Happy 2020 everyone! I added 4 more tracks - this will be the final addition to this playlist ;) Printserver (chippy short interlude) Die Uschi zu Besuch (translates to 'Uschi's visit') No.face (game menu background hip hop) Premas decayde (offbeat groove with a little musical joke in the end)…
  • +1 I use FM player 2 for some simple arps but it's more like a compromise than a good solution. will take a look at Rozeta, tho ;)
  • thank you, guys and you are correct, dendy, I always have some kind of 'story' in mind when I work on a track. well, it's more like a 'storyboard' - sometimes I have a particular experience in mind, like 'that one day in the woods', sometimes the animated music video or video game is already done inside my head, and…
  • haha sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. trying different speeds is just one of the things I usually do when making tracks, and youtube is making that easy
  • great sound B)
  • great track, makes me dance :)
  • I really like this one... but did you consider speeding it up a bit? because thanks to youtube we can check out the track in different speeds - and I think this works best in 1.5x speed ;)
  • They are all made in NS2, glitch effects are done with Turnado Midi and sometimes I use Enkl or Primer as AU Instruments. In the end I use the Audio Mastering app to make things a bit more exciting.
  • Ich esse gerne Kartoffel mit Glitch, like all germans do.
  • And I guess this is how I imagine how space flight felt in the 80s...
  • This is a short one - well, it's actually a loop I made for a little game I was trying to work on but it never was in some kind of playable state :s so here's the main menu background music loop:
  • thanks, Cray23 and dendy! I'm already following both of you on every online channel I could find ;) and I just realize that the Soundcloud playlist isn't displayed properly here. So I will post my tracks one by one, but in the same thread. so here's the next one: