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  • Ns1, yes. The notes moved via the little move button for rhythm location and for midi pitch. Its only flaw was being in draw mode and deleting a note you were meaning to select, I would have preferred draw to do nothing when i land on top of an already existing note. it was feature perfect for a touch screen, i fell in…
  • Thank you. I actually spilled out one more before I got into a draft in ns2. I really appreciate it as an evolution of the first heavy track i did with a doom saw at the bottom. https://soundcloud.com/dreamsofmydeath/mad-as-hell-v0
  • side note / relevant here as i jump into ns2 ---- my fondest apps besides nanostudio are dead and gone, noise IO and Piano studio, they had been there since early early in pre app store and first few ios that had real app store. , which gave me a synth to really dig into and a piano instrument to set up customized buttons…
  • SO I just jumped in, Im using a 8 years old iphone 5c with the original nanostudio in addition to pc and mac with my workflow and exporting. my music with ns1 is here in the EPs death glow and influenced by reality https://dreamsofmydeath.bandcamp.com/album/death-glow i made some back in 2011 with it some of it i still…