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  • Sorry I meant IAA.. I heard also that Apple is not making life easier with this too. And this 30% on app revenue is unfair, and us as artist we get also peanuts from streaming services.. If it’s money the problem and we want to support. why don’t we all send 20 bucks, crowdfunding until we reach a requested amount for a…
  • I feel we are close to get this pro result. If more brands like Fabfilter get in the game. I don’t like this App Store model either.but sometimes I feel like devs want us to be stuck in their app, in their environment, and don’t make this cross app workflow easy on purpose ( no Ableton link at all in Zenbeats) I guess they…
  • I wish I was patient as you are. I come from desktop workflow and I find myself doing gymnastic to find a decent workflow on ipad to get the job done. The creative part is amazing but when it comes to ‘putting all together’ and finishing, I see myself looking more for workarounds than being effective. Tried mostly…
  • Balanced and constructive criticism.. You must be on Android or Apple post Steve Jobs.. This Ableton Link feature should work as it works in 2020 not as it use to work in 2018. Facts. The rest is just finding excuses.
  • A few one star ratings may move things a bit faster? With time, and in general, i notice that shaking the coconut make things move faster than finding excuses with caress and massage. En français on dit: qui aime bien châtie bien.
  • This is the thing, I’m totally ok to not have audio and other requested features. When I buy it, I buy it for what it is. But I expect that the features they claim to have, are working as they should be working. Going back and forth to press play in the app to make sure it’s in sync it’s not what I expect when I buy the…