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  • I relate, I'm 51 and reviving shoegaze!
  • Good Job! The first one is my favourite, and I actually think all three might sound better without the vocals. I like the LTJ Bukem vibe you've got going and it's good to see that you found some time to be creative.
  • @Matt> @"Blip Interactive" said: IMO you might want to consider leaving NS2 as it is, and launching NS3 or NS2 Pro (with audio tracks) as a subscription-only app at whatever price actually makes the project viable. £20 a year, or £5 month, or whatever works so that those of us who are actually willing to support you can do…
  • In the early days of the App Store, there weren't that many apps, so visibility was much higher. As a result a popular app could sell in vast numbers. This is no longer true, simply because there are tens of thousands of apps now, so visibility is non-existent for most devs. Back in 2010-2011 apps like NS1 were visible in…
  • It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again; who…
  • Thanks - I didn't find that when I looked.
  • That's what I was missing! Thanks. I didn't realise you had to tap on the piano icon on that screen, I had been tapping on the other icons at the top right. Once I tap on the piano I can select AUM as the destination and it works. I read through the manual but I couldn't find this.
  • I’ve just tried to do something much simpler: drive Animoog using NS2’s External MIDI Track and no dice. The problem is that NS2 doesn’t advertise its virtual MIDI port, which makes setting this up impossible. So how exactly does one use the External MIDI Track?
  • You don't need to save your kit as a preset, just use the hamburger menu to copy and paste the entire kit from one Slate instance to another. It's super-quick.
  • Create your master slate track and record all your MID drums there. Then create several new Slate tracks, one for your kick, one for your snare, one for your hihats etc... Use the MIDI send function in your mixer to send the MIDI from the master to all the others Then in your master Slate instrument, use the hamburger menu…
  • 1 star review because the app doesn't have Link Start/Stop? You might need to take a chill pill.
  • Yeah that's a high energy and at times brutal sounding track 😎 Nice drum programming, I particularly like the interaction between the drums and the tasty bass.
  • Thanks very much for the listen and the feedback 👍
  • That is one beautifully growly bass right there. I wonder of the app version of Model D would be able to pull off that sound, in the YT comparisons I've seen the one thing the hardware still does way better is the distortion when the mixer is overdriven. Anyway all the sounds are great, and I like the chimey melody as well.
  • Thanks for the listen - I appreciate it!
  • It's not an effect - it's an instrument. You need to load it as an instrument. Create a new track by long-pressing on the + button in the song view, then make a new AUv3 instrument track and you can then assign Bassalicious as the instrument.
  • I think there's an interesting balance to be had between clarity and what some people call "glue" as well. A mix that is too clean and clear can sound sterile, and I think that's why the sound of tape is still popular - it is audibly less clear than modern digital recording, and that can make a mix sound more cohesive and…
  • I always add a high-pass to the vocals because the mic adds some hum and background noise, but usually I leave the soft synths alone, since they're not from analogue sources they shouldn't have too much mud anyway, but I will go back and check them with an EQ. I usually use FabFilter (been using them since 2013 in Auria),…
  • Thanks, I'll try EQing the vocal to see if it helps. As for the guitar, there isn't one in this track, it's all synths. The bass is iSem and the pads in the verse are custom Factory patches of mine, in the chorus there is Factory, Syntronik, and Hillman.
  • Yeah totally - but the funny thing is that I've watched dozens of mixing videos on YouTube, and read several books on mixing, and it's always EQ to separate the kick and bass. Obviously sidechaining is mentioned in other contexts (ducking music behind vocals, or to make a mix pump), but I'd never thought about using it to…
  • @dendy thanks again for your tips, I've made a new mix where I use the kick as a sidechain to duck the bass (I found that just compressing the bass rather than the whole music group was enough actually). This…
  • The mech in the graphic is D.VA from Overwatch, a game that I've spent many fun hours playing with my kids :) You've definitely nailed the happy poppy vibe with this one, it's positively bursting with it. I think I agree that the piano could come down a bit in the mix, but other than that no crits.
  • Funky track with a very raw and aggressive drum sound, gives the whole thing a real edge.
  • Love that bass!
  • Thanks - glad you like them!
  • Thanks! The bass is iSem with some additional distortion from Klevgrand ReAmp.
  • And thank you! When you're doing everything by yourself it's super-valuable to have an impartial pair of ears or two to give a different perspective. I really appreciate the help and advice I've received in this thread.
  • @dendy thanks very much for this, I will take it all back to Auria and experiment with your suggestions. I have the tracks grouped in Auria so I can do the sidechaining there without it affecting the vocals which are in their own groups.
  • Wow - thanks for taking the time to do this! The intro sounds a lot better in your version IMO, however once the vocal comes in then the voice is less clear and the pumping is a bit distracting. It might be fixable with some automation though. Did you do this in NS2? Without audio tracks maybe not, but then again you might…