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  • I agree that that would be a great way to find your way around Obsidian however from a reviving of old projects POV that's a lot of work! I've easily made over 100 tracks so I'm not sure if I'd be up for that process for each and every one. I think its a good time to start a fresh. I'm really creative in NS compared to…
  • @SlapHappy Thanks for the response - that's really good news! Looks like Nanosync/NS1 desktop .dmg install files stocks are up. I'm a little worried that I don't have it - I'll check once I'm home. If I find it I'll upload and share the link ;) So you're saying that you can update your old NS1 project files to a NS2…
  • Thanks pal! Appreciate all your hard work. We've been patient enough for NS2 so all good!
  • Glad to see NS2 finally out! However, I am concerned about my projects on NS1. Is there a way I can use Nanosync to copy everything over from my iPad to desktop version? And more importantly, will the desktop version still be supported? I haven't seen a download link for the desktop version for NS1, does this mean its…