NanoStudio 1 Specifications

NanoStudio is a 32 bit app, and IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH iOS 11 OR LATER.

It will still run well on older devices which cannot be updated beyond iOS 10.


  • iOS 5.x to iOS 10.x


  • 6 simultaneous instruments (including mixer), or up to 16 with in-app purchase
  • Stereo 44.1kHz floating-point signal path (only the final output is reduced to 16 bit)
  • 3-23ms buffer latency (user adjustable)

Extra Features

  • MIDI input with the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, Akai SynthStation 25 and Core MIDI (see Supported Accessories below)
  • Audio copy/paste for sharing audio with other compatible apps
  • Send files as email attachments straight from your device
  • MIDI file import/export

Eden Synth Instrument

  • Maximum polyphony - 16 voices per synth
  • 2 anti-aliased oscillators per voice, each with 36 basic waveforms including noise
  • Oscillators can be mixed or sync/ring modulated
  • Resonant filter per voice - low pass, band pass or high pass with 12dB or 24dB slope
  • Samples can be used in place of basic waveforms
  • 4 LFO's, optional sync to note start/sequencer tempo
  • 3 ADSR Envelope generators (amp, filter and aux)
  • 2 X/Y controllers, 1 configurable control knob, pitch bend wheel and accelerometer input
  • Virtual patchbay for connecting controllers, LFO's and envelopes and other synth parameters
  • 2 dedicated insert effects (waveshaper, chorus/flanger/delay) with automation
  • 448 Global presets (shared between all projects) and 64 Project specific presets
  • Note slice function to chop and re-arrange sample loops using the keyboard

TRG-16 Trigger Pad Instrument

  • Number of pads - 16
  • Maximum polyphony - 32 voices
  • Adjust volume, pan, pitch, output bus, attack, release and loop type per sample
  • 2 exclusive groups for use with high hats etc.
  • 3 output busses, each with its own filter and send effects
  • Load/save individual samples or whole kits
  • Copy/paste settings from one pad to another


  • Maximum size for a single sample - 32MB (total sample memory will depend on your device)
  • Upload wavs or aiffs to your device using NanoSync for Mac or Windows
  • Record your own samples using internal or external microphones
  • Resample NanoStudio's main mix output
  • Crop and normalize samples on the device using NanoStudio's built in sample editor with 4 levels of undo/redo
  • Preprocess samples offline using configurable effects chains


  • Up to 64 tracks (maximum 4 tracks per single instrument)
  • Up to 1000 parts per song
  • Up to 1000 events per part
  • Realtime record with undo
  • Pattern editor and song arranger
  • Record unique parts or turn them into patterns for repetitive loops (100 patterns supported)
  • Draw note and controller events such as XY pad movements, pitch bend, velocity and accelerometer
  • Editing functions include delete, merge, copy, move, note length, transpose, clean and quantize
  • Controller editing and automation
  • Time signatures 1/4 - 7/4
  • 4 levels of undo/redo on every editing operation
  • All editing operations are possible while the sequence is playing


  • Mixer with up to 48 stereo inputs, 1 stereo output and 2 stereo sends
  • Each mixer channel supports up to 4 insert effects
  • Mixer fader and pan automation on all channels
  • Stereo VU displays for all channels, with accurate clip detection on output
  • Effects include reverb, parametric EQ, compressor, chorus, flanger, delay, waveshaper and bitcrush
  • Offline mixdown - stereo mix, individual tracks or individual song parts

Supported Accessories

Akai Synthstation Website

Support for Akai Pro's SynthStation25 keyboard controller is included. SynthStation25 delivers instant hardware control for improved performance capability and expression. For more information on SynthStation25, visit

Line 6 Website

Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer. The only one of its kind, MIDI Mobilizer™ is the most portable MIDI system ever. Connect it to an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to play NanoStudio from any external MIDI controller with an industry standard 5 pin DIN connector.