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HI all, I haven't posted for a while but I do continue to make lots of stuff in the awesomeness that is NS2! Hope everyone is doing well.

I'd be interested in anyone's feedback for this track I made last year, which uses mostly NS2 sounds with a MIDI controller keyboard, but also involves using a Roland E-drumkit as a MIDI input for some of the later layers of drum tracks. I'm not a pro drummer but I like hitting things with sticks - B) - and I find it produces a completely different vibe than programming drums via the screen, and I like that I can quantise the timing whilst keeping the enormous variety of velocity data that comes from the e-drumkit and makes the drum samples sound more human.

Cheers, happy this forum is still going strong!



  • @bobheads i couldn’t listen to it all as I don't have Spotify and it only let me play 20s or so :( I tried to look for it on Apple Music but it’s not there:(
    But in those 20 seconds I definitely liked that acoustic drums, really nice and dynamic
    Is this coming to Apple Music?

  • @bobheads I have found it on there:D
    It’s nice, I really like those drums. I suppose that’s that layer you did with Roland kit and it does sound more dynamic especially toms or are those programmed in sequencer?
    Anyway it’s nice chilled tune;)

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    @Cray23 cheers! The 'real-played' drums don't arrive until about 1:23 but I can't remember if the preview on Spotify includes a clip from the middle of the tune, I think it does, so yeah, maybe.

    For sure the toms are me having some fun with the e-kit :)

    But of course they are just midi notes and the actual tom sounds are coming from the Slate drum sounds anyway B) - the main difference I think is the variations of velocity that I get from the e-kit as a midi input device, as well as some of the snare flims and flams (cos the stick bounces around on it).

    Thanks for having a listen :+1:

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    @bobheads thanks for sharing. I agree that playing stuff (not just drums) in “live” gives results that are difficult (for sure more painful) to achieve by step recording. My workflow typically involves that concept. I play it in on whatever midi controller is appropriate, then fix what I don’t like to compensate for my declining physical chops. To me this is the real value of midi sequencer DAWs. You don’t need to practice 8 hours a day to be able to physically execute what you feel. You just need to know what sounds right then edit it into existence. Some think that’s cheating but I disagree.
    Oh, I really liked the way you “played” the filter on that lead sound.

  • i don't have spotify nor apple music but if you put your music on i would immediately buy it.. mind blowed by tunes you have on Youtube, very deep and emotional music, one of most "musical" pieces i ever heard made in NS2 .. absolute top notch ! Big respect !

  • @boomer and @dendy - thanks for listening and for your kind words!

    @dendy : I do have a bunch of stuff on bandcamp :
    I also found you and followed you at 'Ray Subject' ;-)

    I've just set up a discount code for all you BlipInteractives here on the forum: type in 'blip90' for 90% off anything/everything =)B)

    Feel free to pay more if you want to, haha - for me right now it's more interesting to get more followers and connect to a wider network, so if you can do that it is much appreciated!
    On bandcamp I host all my piano/electric piano recordings, but there's also a decent selection of electronic NS1 & NS2 pieces up there too - if theres something you heard on YouTube that isn't there, just let me know and I'll add it! Any comments/add to library/follow kind of stuff you can do is also appreciated!
    cheers and have a nice day!
    Plenty more music on the way :-)

  • cool will check your bandcamo ns1/2 stuff when will be back at computer ;)

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