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  • @anickt I agree, the workflow in NS2 is unrivaled for efficiency on iOS. I can't stand working Cubasis or Auria because everything is counterintuitive for me, so for audio tracks on iOS I've been using MultitrackDAW (a golden oldie these days). However, a deal in the Apple refurbished shop has afforded me an M1 Mac Mini…
  • @SlapHappy Yep, always best to wait if there's no confirmed success with an app in the beta OS. I do still keep an iPhone 5C around to run the original Nanostudio (my iPod Touch 3rd gen is on its last legs).
  • @"Blip Interactive" What are the chances that a MacOS port will be available in the near future? Would you consider making it happen, perhaps as a separate purchase from the App Store?
  • Also curious about updates, does anyone have any insights? Can anyone confirm if @"Blip Interactive" is continuing development on this? The silence has become a bit disconcerting. I don't even really care about audio tracks at the moment, just hoping Matt is alive and well.
  • @kleptolia @Jeppan74 Thanks for the kind feedback!!! I just added a couple more tracks to my Bandcamp today too, similar vibes but not made in NS2.
  • I love the ambient sounds and speech samples in this one, really adds a spacey dreamlike feeling!
  • This rocks! I feel like this would be a great theme for a heist montage in a movie.
  • Oh man, that gets me pumped! It's got a bit of Aphex Twin and Prodigy vibes, definitely dig it!
  • @anickt @Cray23 @peanut_gallery Thanks guys!!! I always appreciate the feedback!
  • @Arpseechord @Will Glad you guys appreciate it too! 🤘✌️🖖😎
  • Rock on @anickt 🤘🤘🤘😎
  • @Jeppan74 Thank you, that’s quite a compliment!!! I’m glad you dig the vibes, I’ve been enjoying your music as well! This playlist is full of great music, this community rocks! Thanks @Mindseye for putting this list together, also congratulations on the milestone! ✌️🤘🖖😎
  • @Cray23 It's generally more work than it's worth to try and game the streaming services. I read an article about someone experimenting with what was basically a click farm approach, using dozens of devices dedicated to playing one short song on various streaming platforms...long story short, the work to reward ratio is…
  • @le_filou Hey brother, glad to see you here! Always dig your jams with the OP-1 and Digitakt, really looking forward to hearing your iOS creations! The first Nanostudio really clicked with me in 2010. The TRG was the perfect pocket drum machine and Eden was like a mini EPS16. The combination made for an extremely handy…
  • Dig these tunes! Any chance I could get on that playlist too? For what it's worth I'm finding Distrokid very easy to use and so far they seem to be paying me in a reasonable amount of time. Bandcamp is still my favorite venue for selling music right now though, definitely more lucrative than streaming services with my…
  • @Stiksi Thank’s for the feedback! Yeah, I’ve tried embedding a Bandcamp player but I’m not sure how that works in markdown. @dendy Thanks, you’re too kind as always. I just might post it on the AB forum, although I feel very much like an outsider there. NS2 workflow makes very efficient use of my time, allows me to get…
  • Hey everybody, loving the tunes!!! I just released my second all NS2 project, Relative Scales, on all major streaming services: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/3sleeves/relative-scales-2 Also on my Bandcamp page, in case you prefer that service: http://3sleeves.bandcamp.com/album/relative-scales Lots of chill beats and…
  • @dendy Thanks! It's good to know it has a positive impact, I'm usually smiling and dancing a bit when I record! And yeah, I started early and also have a blended family (I'm not quite 40, in those YouTube videos I was around 30...my hair has since migrated from the top of my head to my jawline). @LeeB Thank you, I've been…
  • This is totally radical!!! Also, nice shots of cabling and cool video editing!
  • Here’s a track that originated in Jamuary but is making it’s way to an official streaming release in the near future: https://youtu.be/_I0VmHPSAzg I tried to harmonize with the sound effects for the chords and melody. The production and mix were done in NS2 and then I mastered it with MasterRecord and edited this video in…
  • @Stiksi Legendary Jam!!! That video is amazing too, I would hope your kiddo thinks you’re awesome after seeing that! @SlapHappy Perfect vibrations for some morning yoga, ambient but very powerful👌 @stringerrrrr Big sounds, dig the vibe! drums could maybe be a little louder in the mix, but good composition. This thread…
  • @kleptolia it’s a nice sampler, love the action on the keys too. Glad the videos are helpful, I had fun making those at the time. I recommend a Yamaha BT-01 Bluetooth midi adapter for the MS1, super handy with iPhone and iPad! Looking forward to hearing what you make next!
  • @SlapHappy Thanks! I couldn’t find that in the manual and that’s the one screen I didn’t think to look for an export option. I figure since I never use quantize it may be tricky to transcribe to sheet music. Also not sure how to accurately translate a sweeping synth pad with modulation and reverb 😄 Thanks for the advice…
  • How do you get the midi files out of NS2 and into Reaper? I think FL Studio can export midi to score sheets too. Guess I could find a way to record the midi output from the iPad...any suggestions? Can’t find a way to export midi files, only .nsa or audio files, am I missing an obvious option?
  • Good to know others are interested, I'll definitely post progress here. MIDI files can be submitted with a recorded audio file on the same application (they're listed as acceptable data file formats), but I've not seen any official documentation which equates MIDI composition to Sheet Music in regards to music…
  • @Will it’s a fitting technical specification😄
  • There are also envelope, pitch, loop, volume, and velocity controls per pad. You can only have 4 fx buses per Slate instance, but you can have a ridiculous number of Slate instances per project.
  • @Zupi Thanks for the awesome patches! So many cool sounds, these are great!
  • @SlapHappy definitely feels good to wrap a project up like that. @dendy I appreciate the purchase! Thanks again for all the support and positive feedback, it’s always great to know my music is being enjoyed by people other than me! 🖖🖖🖖😄
  • @pbelgium That was totally awesome! Really dig the live elements, super funky jam!