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This is aggregated thread with links to other threads and posts with useful tips & trick. If there is something worth to be linked, please tag me at that place and i will add link here.

Thanks for any contribution, let's build powerfull knowledge base together :)

"Nanostudio University" tutorials by Platinum Audiolab

Tutorials, how-tos:



Interesting use cases - patches, projects, banks:


From the manual's Tips and Tricks section:

  1. Adding and Removing Tracks
  2. Changing a Track's Instrument
  3. Grouping Tracks
  4. Creating a Send Effects Track
  5. Modulation Routing in Obsidian
  6. Setting up Sidechain Compression
  7. Quick Zooming in Editors
  8. Quick Part Mute in Song Editor
  9. Quick Loop to Selection
  10. Undo and Redo Actions
  11. Quantizing Notes
  12. Using Track Lanes
  13. Recording Automation in Real-Time
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