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  • @peanut_gallery this is cool, I wish I could play like this;) masterpiece!
  • @peanut_gallery fabulous track, love those sync leads solos which I would say are your trademark sound by now;) big ups!
  • @jwmmakerofmusic well combined elements;) shouldn’t need to mention your crisp mix and master as that’s standard with your tunes;) pumping and toe tapping banger! Big ups
    in "Dragon Skies" Comment by Cray23 May 4
  • @boomer this is really detailed composition, evolving with story behind;) impressive 👏👏👏
    in Nocturne Comment by Cray23 May 4
  • @MisplacedDevelopment nice one, bit cumbersome but it seems to work. I don’t owe either Aum or AB3 so might get them for that. The way I was doing it (only once or twice) was to export drum section and sound which I wanted to have that AUv3 automati…
  • @peanut_gallery i enjoyed every single bit of it, you should self indulge more often.D I believe this is one of the best tracks of yours. Great rhythm! Big ups;)
  • @Winnecke thats great tune mate;) I enjoyed that very much;) nice rhythm. Big ups!
  • @Devvy hey that was nice, bit darkish and bit of melancholy yet smooth vibe;) I like it
    in New track Comment by Cray23 March 20
  • @jwmmakerofmusic very clean mix as usual, I just went to check beat hawk and I got beat hawk:D I don’t really remember since when but will check it’s library because that gamelan sounds pristine;) great work and big ups;)
  • @NumptyDumppty year is a long time, now you need to stay in the zone;) cool track;)
  • @9ine6ix :DDD lol 😂
  • @Audiogus thats amazing work in both departments! Inspiring;)
  • @jwmmakerofmusic you know how to make trance for sure, wow you were composing tunes 25 years ago😮 That’s where those skills coming from I suppose. You got very clean mixes man;) Have a great day
    in Lora's Day Comment by Cray23 March 4
  • @peanut_gallery nice one welcome back, it seems everybody is less productive these days apart of LeeB:D (he does lot of live stuff recently on his yt channel) I just spend few days just making all sorts of sounds and loops, I wander if I end up usi…
  • @LeeB said: @Stiksi said: @kleptolia said: @SlapHappy said: @kleptolia said: @SlapHappy I don’t take offense. I basically agree with what you said. …
  • @starkfvx autobeat is beat repeater aka note repeat, where you set timing and while holding pad down it re trigger it, like arpeggio but without octave, gate etc just timing (although it could have other parameters too) so if set to 16th note it wou…
    in AUTOBEAT Comment by Cray23 February 24
  • @Doccy247 to me, interface ergonomics didn’t changed much and most importantly piano roll is same;) as others mentioned, stick with it, once you master it and it won’t take long, you will be spitting tunes out like never before;) I have spent lot o…
    in Wow Comment by Cray23 February 24
  • @bobheads that One idea you mentioned with duplicate of that very same sound is what I would do. There is SC FILTER on ns2 compressor but I believe that is for incoming signal (of that side chain), for second part of your question that applies too a…
  • @sharivari very nice! Very nice indeed!
  • @boomer theoretically it could be just controller where we could slide in iPad and it would have all sorts of dedicated buttons and pads etc (since iPad is kind of standalone already;) So I’ll start playing lotto then:D Btw my desire for hw ns2 …
  • @davlinste what I can suggest is to screen record ( it helped me to mixdown track with dodgy AUv3 which failed to MD) whole tune and then separate video but then recording synth right into ns2 as Stiksi suggested seems to be more appropriate way to …
  • You could always archive and airdrop whole lot back and forth
  • @SlapHappy I wish I would win a lottery, would sent few millions to Matt and beg him to do standalone box without flaws, not like mpc or maschine+ :DDD Nano simply rocks!;)
  • @boomer I give up on looking anywhere else, it’s useless as you said;) I have tons of software I have paid for but nothing in pc/Mac or even hardware cannot beat workflow of ns2. I’m not worried that ns2 dies but who knows what future brings. Fing…
  • @Jonavinwine why would you apologise for asking questions;) no need for that;) honestly I don’t believe there will be ns3, it’s pity tho as I can imagine some time in future ns2 will cease to work due some iOS changes or what not:/ at least I hope i…
  • @boomer as I recall Matt himself stating that he wouldn’t go through that much effort again I still believe that if crowd funding would rise enough money it could still happen, maybe, but as others say I don’t speak for dev at all only my wish;) I r…
  • @ozsound i was bitching about midi start/stop but I do use link with my mpc one and and I think it’s actually working quite well:D yes I don’t get start simultaneously with mpc but any time you press play it’s in sync so I don’t see much of the prob…
  • @drez thank you so much;) and nice to see you here after while, wonder what sonic meal you have been cooking:P
  • @Jinx_Padlock yeah equinox is great;) fingers crossed for that plan, looking forward for that EP;) btw I really appreciate your sound design timbres!
  • Hi @boomer I got this one of Amazon So far I had no issues with it, I’m using Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 interface (older version) and that works flawless…