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  • @Jinx_Padlock Let's Build a Henge is fucking EPIC! Awesome process it went through:D never worked on anything for that long:D absolutely digging it! Yeah I’ll try to build some henge with sort of similar processes you mentioned, I suppose to let i…
  • @CurvedReality hello there;) nice cracking beat. Would be probably great with vocals, or you could add some lead synth melody but ultimately it’s up to you;) when I think I’m done and there isn’t anything what I would add, I just move to next one:D
  • @Stiksi cheers man;) I’m not on anything:D only yt:/ I’m crap in mixing etc really:( I use mostly headphones (beyerdynamic dt990 im not sure if I should get new one, I have these ones for about 13 years now:D ) but also often and I shouldn’t use iP…
  • @bobheads this sounds really nice;) what I sometimes do is put waveshaper on drums and use sine algorithm with only little drive, something like 7% but it doesn’t always works (what does:D ) little bit of sidechaining would also help I suppose and o…
  • Nice! I keep forgetting that I have WOOTT:D need to use it more I guess and will check those dendy mentioned. Really like your paintings man;)
  • @Trigger_the_Monkey Thanks mate;) glad you like it. That vocal sample is from native instruments expansion neon drive and I think that was last vocal sample I didn’t use:D
  • @dendy wow 138 already, bloody hell and that’s only those on yt and there is going to be lot out there which haven’t been shared I bet. From my own experience it seems to me I cannot make similar quality track outside of nano that quickly and to be …
  • @internalogic nice track, very deep vibe;) I do agree with what was mentioned above by guys and other then that it’s very nice composition;) it’s good to have positive attitude towards learning;) big ups and keep up good work.
  • @dendy said: If there is a real reliance on Apple in something, then in that they always something break in each release. Exactly this!
  • @boomer this is pretty expressive piece! And that climax towards the end;) nice! Great work!
  • @jwmmakerofmusic Nice! It kept reminding me that Chinese/Japanese level in mario land on old gameboy:) nice clean mix and hitting drums which you got pretty consistent across your production. Great work!
  • @peanut_gallery ohh I love it! This is superb! 👏👏👏
  • Im Also interested in knowing plus Please @Blip Interactive can you squeeze midi clock sync capabilities in next update please I’m begging in here;)
  • Hi there @bobheads Cool draft so far. Right now I’m on my casual earphones and they tend to totally overkill bass frequencies(some Sony ones) but it doesn’t sound that much overpowered in bass spectrum so I guess it’s ok but I’ll have listen later…
  • @kitejan I like how you made it chronologically as events were unfolding:) I really had giggle when I saw Boris Says:DDD congrats on album, it’s proper lengthy, no shortcuts here;) will have to listen it in chunks:) so far it’s great 👍 The fact that…
  • @stu761 Banger Banger Banger!!! Love it 😍 Very jumpy vibe! Excellent work!;)
  • @boomer yes, what a ride! I fully agree on that level of composition! @Trigger_the_Monkey mentioned;) epic journey! I like your synthetic drums too;) big ups!
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  • @peanut_gallery yet another Banger here! Great arrangement and brilliant sound! Nice!
  • @dendy great track! So you saying that 303 is also obsidian? Is that formant filter then? Very spacious and clean mix, always amazed by your mixes!;) structure is neat and I love your sound design!!! That voice sample is dope too;) big ups!
  • @peanut_gallery Trumpets are Epic! Atmospheric, and that synth snare cutting through mix nicely. Lovely vibe, so far my favourite from LoungeBots;) excellent
  • @peanut_gallery right from the start I liked drums, nice and crispy;) and then rest joined, great progression. Very good! And it’s Sunday today:D keep em coming😎
  • Very nice! Sounds very crisp;) lovely guitars. Name seems to be well fitting too. I enjoyed it! 😎
  • @LeeB I’m glad you like it, I almost scrapped this one;)
  • @Jeppan74 🙏 thanks man;) much appreciated. Recently I have been listening your stuff and I absolutely love Bombaclot it just grow on me, that beat is heavy. Would love to hear something like What is Dub Vol.2 just saying:D
  • @bobheads I like this track, yep that EP sounds nice. Now I cannot still say much on dynamics as I have no headphones with me again but on my iPhone speaker it sounds nice, nice chill vibe;) will be listening later on when I get home eventually on p…
  • @bobheads yeah I have been listening some more couple of days ago, and last night. Arctic landscape, Proterozoic, Deep - Dive I did put into my library and I’ll listen rest today at work, I usually listen lot of music while at work so I have this pl…
  • @boomer nice one man:D I’m solo guy currently on part time furlough so that helps;) happy that vibe worked;) thanks for tuning in. @Trigger_the_Monkey thank you sir;) much appreciated 🙏
  • Hi there @bobheads I have been listening your stuff (not all of it yet) on 🍏 music and I must say I like most I heard;) my favourites so far are slow motor, dreams of flight, The man who drunk from taps;) When you first introduced yourself I tho…
  • @Jeppan74 said: This is so damn good! The drums and low end almost like explosions. I feel a slight depeche mode influence as well Thanks man;) I’m not entirely sure what influenced this one but I did listen depeche mode and I do like th…
  • @boomer much appreciate your comments;) I’m glad you like it;)