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  • Very nice! Sounds very crisp;) lovely guitars. Name seems to be well fitting too. I enjoyed it! 😎
  • @LeeB I’m glad you like it, I almost scrapped this one;)
  • @Jeppan74 🙏 thanks man;) much appreciated. Recently I have been listening your stuff and I absolutely love Bombaclot it just grow on me, that beat is heavy. Would love to hear something like What is Dub Vol.2 just saying:D
  • @bobheads I like this track, yep that EP sounds nice. Now I cannot still say much on dynamics as I have no headphones with me again but on my iPhone speaker it sounds nice, nice chill vibe;) will be listening later on when I get home eventually on p…
  • @bobheads yeah I have been listening some more couple of days ago, and last night. Arctic landscape, Proterozoic, Deep - Dive I did put into my library and I’ll listen rest today at work, I usually listen lot of music while at work so I have this pl…
  • @boomer nice one man:D I’m solo guy currently on part time furlough so that helps;) happy that vibe worked;) thanks for tuning in. @Trigger_the_Monkey thank you sir;) much appreciated 🙏
  • Hi there @bobheads I have been listening your stuff (not all of it yet) on 🍏 music and I must say I like most I heard;) my favourites so far are slow motor, dreams of flight, The man who drunk from taps;) When you first introduced yourself I tho…
  • @Jeppan74 said: This is so damn good! The drums and low end almost like explosions. I feel a slight depeche mode influence as well Thanks man;) I’m not entirely sure what influenced this one but I did listen depeche mode and I do like th…
  • @boomer much appreciate your comments;) I’m glad you like it;)
  • Hello and welcome @bobheads ! Wow man, appreciate nice words:D Well I never had training or any school related to audio but I have been listening lot of music in my life which brought me eventually to idea “how is this really made” and not long …
  • @peanut_gallery added to my 🍏library;) will be listening today at work! Congrats on releasing your album:)
  • @Blip Interactive not sure where to post it but I have just seen cubasis made it to Android, now I never owed an android device and probably never will but I thought if you don’t know it then you might be interested, perhaps they did fix that latenc…
  • @boomer btw really cool picture to go with it, fits exactly to that track;)
  • @richardyot said: @Cray23 said: @richardyot this is superb, in my opinion this is your best song:) really like that instrumental. Big up! Thanks very much for the listen and the feedback 👍 Anytime;) and I thank…
  • @richardyot said: Yeah that's a high energy and at times brutal sounding track 😎 Nice drum programming, I particularly like the interaction between the drums and the tasty bass. Thanks man, really appreciate it;)
  • @boomer said: Wow man. First thing in the morning. I’m awake now - who needs coffee? This is truly exciting stuff. Gotta ask - all the risers and fall offs - are those programmed into the patches? Or is it pitchbend automation? Love your mixin…
  • @boomer WOW, bloody hell that was great! I did enjoy every second of this, you definitely made it very dynamic, when that arp kick in at 3:30 nice! But that Last Pad Sound really made impact on me:) I know it is fairly long but after that sound I wa…
  • @jwmmakerofmusic well I never released anything but some time ago on this forum some people mention distrokid (that’s what I remembered ) so I looked it up but since then I haven’t look into it properly so cannot say much:( but that is sort of a way…
  • @Jinx_Padlock Nice! I had to make account with Spotify to listen to it but it was worth it. Vocal was fitted well and whole composition is spot on! Liked that noise at the very end as it was fading out. Awesome 😎
  • @richardyot this is superb, in my opinion this is your best song:) really like that instrumental. Big up!
  • @jwmmakerofmusic well man, you should be releasing your stuff, wouldn’t be surprised if one day I would hear your song from radio. Your skills are top notch and your mixes are always spot on. Great work!
  • @dendy said: @Cray23 made in ns2 with only one AUv3 used and that is Korvpressor. oh, so all sounds are from Obsidian ? no HW synths used ? .. synths are pretty great, i would expect you sampled some analog HW …
  • @dendy said: you forgot link ;-) LOL:D I’m twat 😂😂😂
  • @jwmmakerofmusic man you got skills! Proper production and mix is proper clean! Big ups!
  • @Jeppan74 again man, so much air in your tunes and cool samples! Funky Basslines:) nice drums! Enjoying it too much:DDD it’s night and my girlfriend banging on the wall to turn it down:DDD LOL
  • @Tales_from_within oh yeah I enjoy this stuff;) for sure I agree with Jeppan74 about that Escape from NY vibe. Great stuff! Nice arrangement and cool sounds
  • @dendy wow, thanks man;) I still got lot to learn but you always cheer me up:) btw I consider you as guru as well, both of yours albums are amazing;)
    in Cray23 - Split Comment by Cray23 June 18
  • @LeeB thanks man;) really appreciate especially coming from guru like yourself.
    in Cray23 - Split Comment by Cray23 June 12
  • Yep I’m definitely beginning to starve for some, either as pay for packs (hope for many) or user import option. I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for it either
    in User Wav Tables Comment by Cray23 June 9
  • @itAniMulli thanks, well I’ll google Riddim growl sound as I never heard that term;) and get back to you. ( I do use lot of Stark, Grind distortion units which might be it) Will try my best and perhaps post some ns2 file with it so you could check …