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  • @dendy you should do that opus! I’ll wait;)
  • @dendy @Trigger_the_Monkey Wow guys, thanks a lot;) I’m not going to be excited yet as that part with being ripped off or something is real these days or any days before really:D it did happened bit unexpectedly as I had friend request on fb and …
  • @Trigger_the_Monkey @anickt @nu2moro Thank you all for positive feedback guys much appreciated;) this is just what I need, motivation, recently not having much luck all over but feeling more motivated now so will put it into music. Have a great da…
  • @dendy yes artworks are mine, I do them in autodesk sketchbook on iPad. Glad you like it. I don’t spend much time on them tho:D
  • @Trigger_the_Monkey i didn’t really think about it couple of months ago but keep hearing it:DDD from people and just couple of days ago some guy who runs label contacted me with email to send demos over to them so I guess I will try it😊
  • @dendy Wow, this is some deep sounding stuff here, reminds me Stephan Bodzin tunes! Really Great sounding tune and just within 3h that’s sick man! Big up!
  • @anickt heavy ambient textures, very experimental sounding ( in a really good way;)) Like it! Big up!
  • @rayg1952 sir your compositions are unique, went to listen your stuff on sc and there is some nice variety I did enjoy desert rain a lot and a walk in the park was quite evolving from dramatic/dangerous walk in dark into majestic sunrise walk;)
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  • @dendy 😊thanks dendy you are star! there is something magical about 303 sound.oh Yeah 303 & acid, they played vital role in my life:DDD😝🤩🚀🎛
  • @LeeB wow, what @dendy said. Absolutely amazing. Great tune for such a footage. Now I’m thinking to take trip there;D at spring time (have no holiday left apart for Christmas) to me that looks way better then uk I live in:DDD Thanks for sharing it…
  • @anickt thank you 🙏 @drez & @dendy thanks a lot guys, will be checking that bandcamp but first I have to sort out soundcloud I’m such a moron I know I have been saying that for ages:DDD but I will do it all one day I swear;) soon
  • @anickt 🙏glad you enjoyed it;)
  • @dendy 🙏 Thanks lot for feedback. I did better monitoring this time although I could have automate some levels better but overly I was quite happy with it . Glad you like it;)
  • @anickt great track, love how it progresses and it sounds like some organic modular synth arrangement;) oh and Troublemaker, it’s such a great synth.
  • @dendy cool 😎 that sounds great! Yep I’m also working bit more now due some delayed stuff at work so not much time to make noise or anything really
  • @dendy that was smooth! Like your drum programming here. Will have to listen to this on speakers when I get home:) (off the topic)what do you think about doing some ns2 beat battles section in forum
  • @Den_K said: Many thx for everyone ! I had experience with a lot off iOS daw (Cubasis, Auria, Gadget, BTM3) but NanoStudio is more stable and have great workflow it’s so simple and very good sound! Now it’s my favorite daw Yeah I got them…
  • Yeah boy!!! Got black sun empire feel out of this and then those guitars started yeah!!! Great tune, love it!!! Welcome here btw!
  • @drez thanks mate you always put big smile onto my face:D @Trigger_the_Monkey thank you sir glad it did;) @anickt I’m happy you liked it;) @richardyot love your comment, I do aim for bit of nastiness;DDD @dendy *uck, yep it was late and I could…
  • @fingertwister btw there is Facebook page for posting your creations as well, I didn’t know about it until few days ago but thought it would be worth of mention. And yes I did listen to your track again;) really like it at night when is quite and I…
  • @dendy stop the rock is huge;) absolutely great tune that was/is! just went to have a listen and yes it’s brilliant. Maybe if I’m going to ever remix/re do my tunes in future or if somebody would want to do remix or something then I could see those …
  • @fingertwister glad you like it, yeah I did have few versions done and some with altering synth/guitar stuff and after listening it for last few hours before I call it done I wasn’t sure what’s right or wrong anymore:DDD ultimately decided to go wit…
  • @anickt yeah in this instance I did put Waveshaper on master with sine curve at 3 or 4 percent that is that crunchiness, I think I overusing that Waveshaper in ns2 but I love it @dendy ohh I forgot about that tune, did love it when it was fresh a…
  • @fingertwister welcome from me and yeah I’m interested so keep them posting;) like your sound design and great mix! Great track!
  • @dendy nope I didn’t what a knob I am that’s great dendy thanks a lot again;)
  • @richardyot great idea with field recording and very clean indeed, you got great vocal mate and whole tune sounds really professional and polished. Also in same spirit/vibe as previous one, so I guess there is going to be an album soon? Great work 👍
  • @rayg1952 @Stiksi I wish there were some duplicate button too;) as I almost always creating patches from scratch and usually don’t save them either so it would just tad simpler;) but can live with it as is anyway:DDD
  • @Mindseye yep artwork is important too I believe! I love light trails and it’s artwork! But I did listen most and still listening:) @Jeppan74 really great work and I really like those ambient voices/samples in your work! also your artwork is great.…
  • @LeeB 🙏 🙏 🙏 ❤️ honestly it wouldn’t all happen without amazing nanostudio2;) plus those guitar riffs!
  • @LeeB wow I’m really happy that you like whole package;) it does make me want to do more!:)